Thanks for the paper's editorial love letter to Hart Park ("OUR VIEW: Hart Park really is a 'treasure,'" Feb. 3).

Quoting from the paper, "You will see the lights of the teeming city fade away in your rearview mirror." Yes, there are thousands who have trekked out to the park to seek nature and solitude.

"Gaze to the left at the historic Kern River Oil Field, where decades ago black gold fueled Kern's economy - and where it continues to do so today."

Truthfully, the oil also fuels global warming. Perhaps a renewed and expanded park along the mighty Kern River riparian area can help put climate change in reverse and address some of our water problems.

I can guess that Merle Haggard would have wanted Hart Park to stay relevant. Kern County is trying out Food Trucks, and Hart Park After Dark events have drawn up to 3,000 people. Merle also liked quiet times beside the Kern River. He built a house next to it.

Again from the article, "It is now time for another generation of dreamers - people who love to picnic in Hart Park and feed the ducks ..." Whoa!

Picnics, yes! But feeding wild animals is not permitted per California Department of Fish and Wildlife, nor feeding the Hart Park ducks per Kern CAO Ryan Alsop. Why? National Geographic tells us white bread is junk food for ducks. It can contribute to a deformity called angel wing that keeps them from flying. And "Uneaten bread crumbs attract predators, grow mold that makes ducks and other riparian critters sick, and contribute to the growth of cyanobacteria and harmful algal blooms." Yuck. Kale is OK for ducks, but that's still feeding them — and not allowed.

Hart Park is a treasure and can be enjoyed tomorrow: by picnickers, strolling bird watchers, equestrians on their trail next to the Kern River, fishermen, runners, disc golfers on a highly ranked course and photographers who can capture any and all of this "treasure."

Ann Gallon, Bakersfield