As a homeless veteran for many months, a miracle has occurred in my life this holiday season. There is no doubt in my mind that divine intervention occurred when I was introduced to a Bakersfield organization called California Veterans Assistance Foundation.

Having nearly given up on life, much less ever finding affordable housing, within two days of finding myself on the streets, the CVAF got me off the streets, into transitional housing, food and so much more.

Thanks to the deep caring and respect the CVAF has for all of our beloved veterans. This organization has restored my faith in humanity and life in general. For the first time in many years, I now see a future for myself.

My gratitude to the CVAF is deep and eternal. I urge people who care about homeless veterans to generously donate to this organization, which diligently works on behalf of our veterans each and every day.

This holiday season, may God continue to bless this magnificent nation and richly bless the California Veterans Assistance Foundation for all the great work it does each and every day for our veterans. 

Scott R. Hadley, Bakersfield