I’d like to offer a different take on Valerie Schultz’s column (“Thanks for role models, Mr. President,” Dec. 21). The premise she used to lionize several women (former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yonanovich, former senior director for Europe and Russia on the National Security Council Fiona Hill, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Supreme Court Justice nominee Brent Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford) was predicated on her perception of a lawbreaking Trump administration and his highly questionable impeachment.

My different take on “Thanks for role models, Mr. President” are many including, but not limited to:

Thank you for the 50-year low 3.5 percent unemployment rate resulting from your across-the-board tax cuts and the removal of many economic stifling regulations.

Thank you for the historic record employment numbers for our black and Hispanic brethren and our working women.

Thank you for speaking up for the unborn and efforts in protecting their right to life.

Thank you for stemming the flow of illegal migration to our country.

Thank you for the rising wage rates, especially among the lower-income levels.

Thank you for your support of the men and women in our military and law enforcement.

Thank you for promulgating the USMCA trade agreement with our Mexican and Canadian neighbors to open more markets for our farming and other industrial sectors.

Thank you for opening trade talks with China and efforts to reduce our tremendous trade deficit.

Thank you for your efforts to “Make America Great Again” by making government more accountable to the people, by encouraging individual achievement to those who so aspire and by lessening the number of people on government assistance by reducing the number of people on food stamps.

And thank you, Mr. President, for bringing God back into our national discourse and for acknowledging His divine providence in the creation of our unique democratic republic.

Angelo Haddad, Bakersfield