It doesn’t really matter if I’m a liberal or a conservative. I’m an American first, and the last time I looked around, we are the fairest and most benevolent country in the world. We’re the first to give everything we have to help people in need because of natural disasters, and we have sacrificed so many of our soldiers to try and stop the mistreatment of people in other countries.

A recent letter writer wrote that Black Lives Matter is trying to call our attention to our racist past and present. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers died to end it more than 150 years ago, and we have been diligently working to keep it that way ever since.

I am sick and tired of so many people blaming the police for all the problems that occur on the streets of this country and wanting them to go through sensitivity training to better handle out of control situations. How about if we train people to stop breaking the law? I firmly believe that would solve around 90 percent of the problem, and the justice system of accountability would take care of the rest if law enforcement does something wrong.

White, black or any other color, we need to get back to God and family, with a father and mother present, and take responsibility for our actions and the actions of our kids. If people are really concerned about racism and mistreatment of humans, there are a lot of countries to chose from, so move your protests there. The protests will probably not be received real well, but those countries need it more than we do.

We can’t change the past, but we can’t, nor should we want to, erase it. Some things serve as good reminders of the raw beginnings of America and how we need to keep improving and stay the course. A lot of strong, good people helped make this country the great country it is today. There is a lot of greatness to our history and we need to pay more attention to that.

A well-known black comedian said it years ago: if you don’t break the law, you probably won’t get arrested by the police. That was right then and it’s right now.

David Frazier, Bakersfield

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