I am a long time patron of the downtown location of Slice of Italy. I was so upset with the news of the recent vandalism at their restaurant ("Slice of Italy vandalized Monday night, costing the restaurant more than $7,000 in damages," Aug. 13 and "It happened again: Slice of Italy vandalized for second straight night," Aug. 14). But just when I was about to give up hope on our fair city, I was surprised and delighted to hear about the overwhelming support from our citizens. I returned from a wonderful meal (a weekly Friday event) at Slice, and I was so pleased to hear from their staff about the positive response from our community in regards to their troubles. Just when I was about to give up hope on humanity, I'm reminded about just how special Bakersfield citizens can be. Please continue to support Slice of Italy and let them know that the community has their back and that we will never let the dirtbags impact our lives.

David Fieber, Bakersfield