Good laws help me and my fellow financial services professionals serve the best interests of our clients, who include families striving to meet their financial goals, save for retirement and cover health care needs.

The federal spending bill, which the president signed into law at the end of December, includes several measures that are particularly important to my Main Street clients.

The SECURE Act, which was included in the bill, makes it much easier for small businesses to offer retirement savings plans and to provide guaranteed income in retirement, significantly increasing overall retirement readiness. It also provides workers with greater flexibility and more incentives to prepare for retirement.

The health plan tax and the so-called “Cadillac tax” would have made it more costly for employers to provide health insurance for employees. The year-end bill permanently repeals these taxes, encouraging companies to offer workers high-quality benefits. Additional provisions protect citizens and businesses who may face financial losses due to flooding or acts of terrorism not covered by standard property insurance.

I am thankful that my Rep. Kevin McCarthy provided strong leadership in supporting this important legislation.

John Davidson, Thousand Oaks