On Dec. 26, on the bottom of the front page there was an article about two families who have contributed to an upcoming science and math building with will be built on CSUB's campus ("Retired educator gives financial gift to CSUB's Energy and Engineering Innovation Building"). I believe this building and the programs it will house can have profound benefit to Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. Not only will it allow local youth to study a wide range of majors, but it will, I believe, bring more students from out of the area. I believe interacting with people from another area is one of the benefits of studying at a university.

May I add two addenda to that article. First, the state has promised CSUB several million dollars for its construction. In order to receive these many millions, our local university must raise an assigned amount toward the construction. The state's portion is much more than what we must raise, but our portion is in the millions. The university is working to bring that portion to fruition. I am asking that everyone, no matter that amount, support this wonderful addition to our local university.

My second addendum is that my husband and I very much identified ourselves with the professional local realtors and builders whom we respected. Also, we were indebted to long-term subcontractors who were our friends. But perhaps Ben would most want me to include the wonderful people who for decades bought our homes and who bought and sold homes through us. They made it possible for us to support education. Building, selling and education make for a wonderful life. Come on, friends, step up and make this happen.

Gayle Batey, Bakersfield