Rich Lowry and I can agree on one thing: there is a crisis at the border ("Yes, there's a crisis at the border," March 11). But we disagree about what the crisis is and how to solve it.

The current administration believes that a wall will solve the crisis. It won’t. Mr. Lowry neatly skirts that issue by not ignoring the fact that the vast majority of the migrants crossing the border are doing it at legitimate points of entry seeking asylum, which they are legally allowed to do. The administration has been trying for two years to dissuade migrants by brutalizing them at the border, separating families, caging children, denying medical care and other humanitarian failings. That policy has failed and has created a humanitarian crisis that cannot be solved by building a wall.

What we need at the border is a more humane way to accept refugees who are literally fleeing for their lives. Stop prosecuting refugees and start offering them help. They are humans. We are one race — the human race. It’s time to start acting like it.

Al Gaines, Bakersfield