Every election year it’s hammered into our brains that “water is the basis of our valley economy.” Every candidate, regardless of party, mails out pictures of themselves in an almond orchard fighting for our water. If you follow the continuous back and forth between California and Washington, you’ll notice that Newsom is fighting Trump on wanting to deliver water to Central Valley farmers. OK, Democrats, you won. It’s time to fight for our water.

Tell the governor to take a step back and let Trump send the water. Moving water helps clean water. Using surface water alleviates pumping groundwater. In case you didn’t know, “South of Delta” means you and your constituents (except in the case of TJ Cox, he lives in Maryland).

Adam Gray is the only Democrat voice against the State Water Resources Control Board sending more water to the ocean. Susan Eggman appears to be the only legislator who thinks groundwater recharge is a beneficial use (AB441). Everyone is silent on SB1, which tries to increase the reach of the CA Endangered Species Act.

Democrats, here is your chance to prove that you don’t hate agriculture. Speak up.

Cody Bradley, Hanford