I just read with great sadness about Nathaniel Robertson, the Oildale man accused of brutally murdering his wife (“Oildale man admits to using cement block to beat wife to death, court documents say,” July 24). I asked myself how a man gets to the place where he is accused of brutally murdering someone he committed to love, cherish and protect. The answer lies within his confession. Nathaniel Robertson told investigators he was using ice, or crystal methamphetamine, on the day he killed his wife.

This is not the first time I have read or heard about meth causing individuals to do the unthinkable. Meth is the worst of the worst. It will rob a man, like Nathaniel, of his very soul. The soul has three parts: mind, emotions and will. Those who use meth long enough will lose these three components that make them function as God intended.

Meth is known to destroy neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, one of which is dopamine. Methamphetamine addiction can severely damage dopamine production, which affects how a person feels, acts and thinks. Damage dopamine transmitters over a continual time by using meth regularly, and you will lose your very soul. When dopamine is damaged beyond repair, an addicted meth user will begin to hear voices and become psychotic or paranoid, basically a living zombie. Happiness, compassion, motivation, excitement, love of life, will forever be lost, where at one time there was a loving, caring, happy, compassionate individual.

Nathaniel Robertson didn’t become a person accused of murder overnight; it was a slow process that began when he chose to use meth. My hope is that if you read this you will seek help and treatment before it’s to late.

Barry Wallace, Bakersfield