I am hoping that someone can clear this up for me. Dozens of doctors, nurses, medical professionals, scientists and professors all say that the simplest way to protect ourselves from COVID-19 is to wear a mask, wash our hands and keep social distance. It’s not that complicated.

Yet, there seems to be a large number of people who have the opinion that they’re not going to get sick, but others will. These rugged individuals are walking around with a terminal case of extreme stupidity. They say, “you can’t tell me what to do!” They see the president without a mask They see the vice president without a mask. So, they figure that they don’t need to wear a mask either.

After a slight lull, the infection rates are, again, climbing to all-time highs.

People who felt they couldn’t exist anymore without going to a restaurant, bar or theater are out and about with no thought to the consequences.

Will someone please tell me why? I’m 71. l am tired of staying home. I’m tired of movies, news, soap operas, game shows and re-reading my favorite books. But one thing l am not tired of is breathing. I love it. So why are so many people trying to mess with my life? Why aren’t these people trying to save my life and so many others? If anyone can clear this up for me, l would be very grateful.

Michael Cariker, Bakersfield

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