Another mass shooting has occurred in America. What’s new? In August alone, there were 53 deaths from mass murders. It appears that the majority of the shooting suspects are young, angry, caucasian, U.S. men with access to automatic weapons. They are not murderers from Mexico or terrorists from other lands.

It also seems these shooters want our population to be white, mono-cultural and against any religion with a God different from theirs. They definitely have no LBGT friends or relatives.

When these killings occur, automatically the politicians go into their “prayers and sympathies for the victims of these atrocities” mode. However, they do nothing about the preposterous number of automatic weapons available in our country. The National Rifle Association owns these politicians. No one I know, including me, wants to lose their right to bear arms. The NRA does not stand for the National Assault Rifle Association. Congress needs to get a handle on this problem without gutting the Second Amendment in spite of the NRA

Steve Bass, Bakersfield