It might interest readers to know that it really doesn’t pay to work hard all your life, pay your bills on time, incur no debt and retire with a fair nest egg. With Medicare, too many prescriptions are not covered, copays are exorbitant, in excess of $400, and all the “discount coupons” are not available to those of us who played by the rules. It would have made more sense to be a drain on society, default on all debt and then big pharma would come to my aid. What’s even stranger, I have always considered myself a moderate liberal, not a Bay Area liberal, but now that I am retired and relying on Social Security, I have to reevaluate so many of my dearly held beliefs. I know I’m not alone in this.

People need to speak up and write to the drug companies. Take a stand. We are now living longer and  they morally should have an obligation to make medication available without having to go without any of life’s other necessities. Shame on you, drug companies! Will it take more people dying before this broken system is repaired? Think about it people! This is a disgrace.

Amy Knight, Bakersfield