Too often, California’s politicians have put their personal interests over their constituents, and the push for Senate Bill 1 was no different. Sen. Shannon Grove was right when she wrote about the dangers it would pose to those who work in the agricultural industry in The Bakersfield Californian ("COMMUNITY VOICES: Vetoing SB 1 will help save the Central Valley way of life," Sept. 22).

As a pest control adviser, it is my job to ensure the farming industry is using the latest science to keep crops safe from pests without endangering the environment. However, SB 1 would have made that nearly impossible by creating differences between state and federal law, resulting in confusion that will ultimately be addressed by our courts and judges.

Instead of protecting the environment, SB 1 would lead to drawn-out legal fights that could last longer than the measures in the bill itself. That is why I stand with Sen. Grove in commending Gov. Gavin Newsom for vetoing SB 1.

Nick Hastin, pest control adviser and certified crop adviser