I would like to ask all city and county residents to report animal abuse. It is not the reporter’s job to prove it, just let it be known. Also, the report can be anonymous.

Keep checking if conditions improve for the victim. Animal Control employees have a very hard job, but as government workers they are paid decently and have benefits.

If you see no change, it is imperative to report them to their supervising agency. Keep in mind by not pulling abused animals the shelter statistics look falsely low. And by not responding to citizen complaints, citizens have a tendency to not bother reporting in the future. Another technique to make shelter statistics appear low. Both of these situations are totally unacceptable and we must be vigilant that neither is going on.

This city is getting an ugly reputation for cruelty toward and death of toddlers, children and animals, both domestic and farm.

Never turn your back on an animal. You might be their only hope.

Jean Hughes, Bakersfield