Several months ago I submitted a somewhat "tongue in cheek" letter regarding the much discussed homeless situation in our city/county. Recent personal experiences have caused me to submit another letter on the same subject.

In the past two months, I have been victimized by what I would term "sexual assault." Two months ago, I was "groped" at University Park where most people would say, "Things like that don't happen in our neighborhood."

This past week, I was inside a local national fast food restaurant waiting for my order. A man came over to the table I was sitting at and exposed himself. 

The two men who perpetrated these acts were by all appearances "homeless."

When you install a bird feeder, you will very quickly have a large number of birds coming in to feed. Remove the feeder and they soon disappear. There is a reason why California has the most homeless people and it isn't just our temperate climate. 

It isn't my intent to write despairingly of the homeless. All segments of our society have a percentage of people involved in abhorrent anti-social behavior. However, one can't ignore that the homeless population has a much higher percentage. 

I guess that whenever I leave my house, I'll have to take my therapy dogs with me.

Richard Faidley, Bakersfield