After reading an article about Gayle King regarding her interview with R. Kelly, my reaction was pure joy.

The word "hysterical" comes from the Greek word "hysterika" which means "uterus." The popular “notion that hysteria is peculiar to women” gave rise to the idea that women are prone to emotional outbursts “caused by disturbances of the uterus” (according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Obviously, hysterics are not owned by women only. Truth to this statement requires nothing more than to watch the video of R. Kelly in screaming mode, while the journalist, Gayle King, sits calmly without any reaction to his rants.

Surely we can now embrace the notion that men are equally prone to hysteria as are women. What a grand notion.

Gayle King is a boon to womenkind. All I can add is a heartfelt thank you to her.

Sharon H. Thomas, Bakersfield