I agree with Robert Price that Kevin McCarthy needs to be concerned about his own legacy and with his suggestion that he “extricate himself from the circle of support around this president” (“McCarthy needs to catch a different train while he can,” Oct. 6). The president has broken the law and must pay for it. It’s as simple as that.

As part of his response, McCarthy defends Trump by citing positive figures for rising employment and the economy in the nation as a whole. He wrote almost nothing about what he’s done for Bakersfield and Kern County, aside from the 5,600 new jobs he mentions and I’m not sure what he had to do with that. Is the congressman aware that our unemployment rate ranges from 7 percent to 10 percent annually, more than twice as high as the national average?

Here are some questions I’d like McCarthy to answer for us:

1) Specifically, what are you doing to encourage job growth in Kern County, where unemployment figures stay almost the same from year to year? Are you engaging in dialogue with manufacturers or major business firms and urging them to consider locating in Kern County?

2) Given Bakersfield’s rising numbers of homeless people, are you taking any concrete measures to increase federal funding for affordable housing?

Camille Gavin, Bakersfield