What is happening to our country? Anyone that has access to security video, such as Ring, can watch the nightly neighborhood activity of thieves going from home to home checking for unlocked doors on homes and parked vehicles while casing the area for anything that might be left unsecured and within their reach. Once finding an unlocked vehicle, they rummage through it, stealing anything in sight. There is absolutely no fear of the camera recording their thievery. Maybe that’s because our laws have been watered down to make this type of theft allowable and just a part of everyday life that we are expected to accept?

We must all start demanding that our politicians provide more protection for victims than they do for the thugs and thieves meandering through our neighborhoods. I have seen enough of the liberal thinking that we can just “nice” these vandals into compliance with the law. It’s time to incarcerate them, and not into a jail or prison system that has better living conditions than many of our law abiding citizens can afford. California voters have passed the death penalty twice, so that should tell our politicians just how the public feels about the consequences lawlessness.

Don Fowler, Bakersfield