Your article on AB 392 and the parents of “victims” is typically one-sided ("Families of those killed by Bakersfield police officers fight to change century-old deadly force law," May 12). People need to view this from the perspective of the officer charged with protecting citizens in a community where shootings happen routinely (112 killed last year). These officers have family to go home to so when they pull up to a crime scene and see someone with something that looks like a weapon and tell them to stop and drop the weapon and the person does not follow orders, what should they do? Wait for the person to shoot them?

Although Kern County may have the highest rate of police shootings in the state, it also has the highest murder rates in the state. These officers are at higher risk than officers in low crime areas and need to protect themselves as well as us.

If the parents of those killed want to place blame perhaps they need to look in a mirror and ask why their children were breaking into a Subway or leading police on a dangerous high speed chase and why did they not follow orders? We need to take more responsibility to raise our children to not be in these situations. Teach them that when a law enforcement officer says stop, they should stop or be prepared to accept the consequences. I only hope families of fallen officers protest this bill for the sake of their loved ones' partners.

Bill Hanson, Bakersfield