Our house backs up to Stockdale Highway. We have lived in our home for 44 years. When we built this house there were no long-term plans to build a six-lane highway behind our house. We can't even enjoy our backyard because of the noise. The speed limit is 45 and hardly anyone goes 45, including semi trucks.

My husband, being an architect, wanted to do things the right way by increasing the height of our wall from six feet to nine feet. The city told us that we would have to have a hearing to consider adding to the height of the wall, which would cost a non-refundable $2,400. We would also have to pay for a permit. Because it is just six feet high and due to the height of the lanes on Stockdale Highway any SUV, bus or truck can see right in our backyard.

It is amazing how many areas around this town have beautiful high walls. It is a disgrace with all the hodge podge of barriers that have been put up without permits. Besides the fencing, there are approximately eight planters behind Stockdale Estates that have never been replaced with trees. It is an eye sore and it would help the noise.

We tried to contact our City Councilman Bruce Freeman. He never responded.

We love Bakersfield, but it has become an embarrassment on Stockdale Highway from Gosford to the golf course. Some pride needs to be taken by our city government.

Maureen Buckey, Bakersfield