The hypocrisy of Democrats knows no bounds. Now that the Democrats will have the power, we are asked to fall in line and submit for the good of the nation. Give good ol' Joe Biden a chance. Unite and have a kumbaya moment. Everything is good now because the progressive, liberal Democrats will fix all that’s wrong with America and that starts with you, conservatives.

Over the past four years, because you didn’t like the person in power, you’ve done everything possible to hurt this country. You’ve rampaged, burned down, killed and lied about the president. You’ve blocked, obstructed and even impeached. The media has ignored every positive thing President Trump has done and accentuated every perceived negative. Conservative voices are shut down on social networking by the tech moguls. I could go on and on.

But now conservatives are told that it’s dependent on us and we must not only accept the election outcome, but we must fall in line and unite and move forward as one. I haven’t seen any conservatives taking over cities, burning down buildings, attacking innocent people, rioting, marching and calling for the killing of police, etc.

Democrats, if you would actually practice what you preach, this nation could actually come together.

Jeff Spinner, Bakersfield