I'm astounded that a pastor could align himself with people like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, et al., and be against all of the accomplishments that President Trump has made! These people, such as Maxine Waters, advise her followers to confront everyone who supports Trump, no matter where they are, and to "get in their faces." These are people who want to have open borders, believe in more than two sexes, want to ban fracking, want sanctuary cities, give more rights to illegal immigrants than citizens of the U.S., don't support opposing viewpoints on college campuses, etc. These are the people you want to be aligned with?

President Trump may use "colorful" language, which you abhor, but you certainly don't mind using it yourself by calling him a "sleazebag." Perhaps you should join the people who love Mitt Romney, who amassed his fortune by laying-off hundreds and thousands of employees, in order to fill his own pockets.

As a pastor, you should know that Trump has done more for religious freedom than any other president in modern times.

Anne Grogan, Bakersfield