The proposed PG&E rate increase should be a transmission and distribution charge, not a per KWH cost.

The usual thinking for rate increases is based upon usage, but this latest crisis is a facilities problem, not related to power generation.

The inequality of a usage based increase is the warmer Central Valley and desert areas do not have the forest fire problems of the cooler forest and coastal regions.

The PG&E propaganda says “the average increase for a typical residential customer is $8.73/month.” Bakersfield summers are not typical. I have spent thousands on solar panels, appliances and lighting, and now I have to pay an unfair share of protecting mountain and coastal communities because I live where it’s hot. What happened to the burned communities is horrible and there is no tangible way to assign blame.

But PG&E is “too big to fail,” and if we have to endure a rate increase, make it an equitable assessment shared equally by all Californians.

Robert Hughes, Bakersfield