Jasmene Del Aguila wrote a Community Voices piece stating she feels all our power should be produced by electricity ("COMMUNITY VOICES: The myth of biomethane," Aug. 29). She feels we should do away with all fossil fuel and biomethane produced by cows and massive dairies. She seems to think that biomethane is not clean and says it "hurts the health and surrounding neighborhoods which are almost always disadvantaged, low-income communities of color."

Has this woman never been to a dairy? I suggest that she drives around rural Bakersfield and up Highway 99 all the way to Chico. She will see that dairies are out in agriculture farmland far away from any neighborhoods. They are on large parcels of land, very clean and their neighbors are other farmers and dairies. The majority of them are owned by people of Dutch descent with pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes — not much color.

It seems her comment was to prejudice your opinion by saying dairies hurt disadvantaged people of color more than other people. By making such untrue, uneducated statements, it is my opinion that her opinion has very little creditability.

Jennie Henden, Bakersfield