America has suffered so much from so called "peaceful protests." It can best be described as America in desperate need of the words of our Savior when he stated that Peace I give unto you, not as the World gives you as I only the Lord can give you.

As we search for answers, may we remember what peaceful means and how we must best support it. I am sure most Americans are disappointed in the protests that lead to looting and burning that affect our neighborhood and businesses owned by the people of this nation, even businesses owned by Blacks that are mostly absent from Black Lives Matter protection. Don’t they deserve peace also? When did we lose the sacred honor called innocence, and why would someone deny someone’s American dream to be the best reason for being an American?

I know that it appears that some protests have some purpose, but I just have not been able to figure out the purpose of protests that cause violence. Will it change our political outcome? In my opinion, I hope not. Choosing a president is serious business and requires people that know what it is like to be an American. Whatever your choice is, it must be based on what is best for America, what is best for our future and what is best for our children because they will inherit our choices. God Bless America.

Trenton Spears, Bakersfield