Listening to the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee pepper Amy Coney Barrett with questions has been very entertaining. This woman is far more intelligent and classy than anyone in the Senate.

Everyone on the committee knows that it would be foolish for any potential judge on the Supreme Court to state opinions on matters either before the court or subject to the court in the future. This process is a total waste of time, since everyone knows the Democrats will vote no and the Republicans will vote to confirm.

My advice to the Democrats is to start winning elections to have the power to put forth names for the court, and to approve such nominations. 2016 did not only cost Hillary Clinton her legacy, but it cost the Democrats their liberal agenda for the Supreme Court. Obamacare and Roe vs. Wade are in significant peril. Read the Constitution; they are simply following the rules of politics. When you win elections, you have the power. The Democrats are simply paying the price for not putting forth a winning candidate. We shall see how the next one does on Nov. 3. They just better pray it is not a repeat of 2000.

— David DePaola, Bakersfield