My blood pressure rose reading the rewrite of history in a recent letter ("Letter to the Editor: What progressives, traditionalists have given us," Aug. 30). Progressives did not end slavery. That party didn’t exist before 1912. It was then reabsorbed back into the Republican Party in 1916. The Republican Party ended slavery in 1865, however there was a movement long before 1865 to end slavery in this country which the Democrats resisted causing the Civil War.

Theodore Roosevelt, a former Republican president, founded the Progressive Party, because his protégé, successor President Taft, was leaning more conservative than he liked. The Progressive Party did have a social reform platform under Roosevelt's leadership, but it excluded black Republicans.

Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, shepherded this country through the Great Depression, but he was an avid believer in socialist policies. He tried to pack the Supreme Court in 1937 because his programs were being overturned, but ordered the internment of Japanese residents during WWII.

Lyndon Johnson was one of the most racist presidents aside from Woodrow Wilson to hold office. He was an avid user of the N-word in his daily speech. His Great Society Programs were founded to ensure the black vote for Democrats. These programs ultimately devastated black families and ensured their poverty through dependency and stripped them of their dignity. Johnson was a Southern Democrat, explanation enough.

Today, Democrats have corrupted the word “progressive” to disguise their modus operandi, which is to reserve all rights to them and to control all disagreement. You still have time to walk away.

Brenda Sutton, Bakersfield