I live in Bear Valley Springs with my 92-year-old father who retired to this community more than 25 years ago with my mother. BVS has been deemed a high-risk area for brush fires a few years ago, subjected to pay a fee for a few years, even though it has its own fire department. Now it's subjected to mandatory power outages which, by the way, haven't stopped fires. What those outages have done is stopped safety messages from reaching those affected. How infuriating is it to be told to "check our website for updates" when we can't turn on our computer and do not internet access or texts to cell phones that have long since died. PG&E and Southern California Edison proclaim they are taking proactive steps for our safety, but these reprehensible actions have in fact jeopardized our safety in more ways than just fire prevention. My question to Kern County residents is how do we protect ourselves from companies more concerned with keeping our money for themselves and their stockholders??

L. V. Hernandez, Tehachapi