When I was a child, grocery stores did not have baskets or wheels for their customers' use. Customers were expected to handle their own groceries. My mother had a metal basket about half the size of a current grocery store cart that had two wheels and a handle to pull it along. It fit in the trunk of our car (or between the seats). I still have it. It handled her groceries from the store to the car, then home and into the house. Then it was stored until the next week's shopping day.

Would something similar to this help solve the grocery cart theft that is costing stores so much money and causing so much public littering? If some creative, entrepreneurial person would design and produce a personal shopping cart that could be carried in the car, wheeled into and out of the store, then into the home, then restored in the car, stores would no longer have to buy expensive carts that are so easily stolen. Handling our groceries this way might require a little more work on our part, but a cleaner environment in our community would be worth it. Think about it. 

Pat Mossman, Bakersfield