“Phasers on Stun.” Sound familiar? Some of you became “Trekies” when the science fiction TV series “Star Trek” aired in 1966. Others may have joined the ranks over the next 50-plus years following the wildly successful franchise in its many iterations. When Captain James T. Kirk ordered his crew to put their phasers on stun, you knew that it meant stun. It didn’t mean slap you around a little bit. It meant take you down, not forever, just down. And right now!

The 2005 documentary called “How William Shatner Changed the World” touched on the many ways that “Star Trek” affected the science community. For example, the “communicator” inspired our cellphone. We need our scientists to be inspired again and build a Phaser. A phaser that can stun. We owe it to our police officers. The tasers that they now use are not dependable. We have seen too many incidents where they were deployed and did not do the job. As a result, officers have had to employ strong arm tactics to subdue suspects, sometimes with tragic results. In some cases they have had no alternative but to fire their deadly service weapons.

We need phasers for our law enforcement officers. Scientists get busy! Remember, you got us to the moon and back!

Janis Roberts, Bakersfield