As I sit here reading about all the lawsuits being filed by Republican lawmakers trying to limit voter access in all the states former President Trump lost, I guess they believe the only way they can possibly win back the House and/or the Senate is by limiting how people can vote, which they kept trying to do during last election, but failed.

I believe, just as millions did in 2016, that the only reason Trump won was because so many voters believed it was impossible for him to actually beat candidate Hillary Clinton. Many of us just decided we couldn't vote for her so we didn’t vote at all and he won, so in 2020 we didn’t take any chances. Whether we really liked Joe Biden or not, we still voted for him just to make sure Trump lost!

They need to understand that the voters will never make that mistake, no matter how hard they try to make it. We will find a way to vote against anyone who is pushing his MAGA agenda. I want to know what all his loyal subjects will do if he ends up behind bars. Of course he wants everyone to donate to him, not the RNC; he's going to need all the money he can get to fight lawsuits and then pay off when he loses. Oh wait! He will just file bankruptcy again.

— Laura Halford, Bakersfield