Gov. Gavin Newsom is once again attempting to dupe Californians into believing he is working to improve our way of life when, in fact, he is simply using his latest ruse to attack oil companies. What is his ruse you ask? Mr. Newsom is terribly upset about the high price of gasoline in California. So, he would have us believe he is in our corner and will do what is necessary to correct the problem. What a great guy! The problem is, his knee jerk reaction to the problem is to put blame on oil companies. I believe Mr. Newsom could better serve Californians by looking a little closer to home to find and correct the problem.

According to the American Institute of Petroleum, California has the second highest taxes on gasoline in the country. We all know most of that tax is squandered by the state. My wife and I just returned from vacationing in Arizona. The price of regular gas in Arizona is less than $3 per gallon, and there are as many, if not more, highway improvements underway and they seem to have limitless highway patrol units. Now I have to believe most reading this own two or more vehicles, and most of those run on gasoline. You might want to drop Mr. Newsom a note and let him know you are on to him and his little tricks.

Ernie Bentley, Bakersfield