The opening day of dove season to a sportsperson is similar to Christmas morning to everyone else. To some, this is the only day of the year they will hunt. To others, it is the kick off to the fall hunting season.

This year, however, our liberal friends in Sacramento have become the Grinch that stole our season. A double whammy has been initiated to do its best to throw a wet blanket on our sport. California law now requires that all ammunition used for hunting must be lead-free. In addition, you must pass a background check to purchase ammunition. If you don't hunt, who cares. If you do hunt, I hope you purchased your ammo a couple of months ago because there is a real shortage of ammo in town right now. If you haven't purchased a firearm in the last five years and don't have a real driver's license, you're going to have a problem passing the background check. Let's not forget a box of steel shotgun shells costs about 40 percent more than lead.

Seems to me that our liberal legislators have given up on our guns (because of the Second amendment) but are now attacking the ammunition that goes into them. Or perhaps they are all members of PETA. My grandpa and dad, who introduced me to hunting more than 60 years ago, wouldn't believe the state California has become.

Frank Simon, Bakersfield