To those who are attacking, both physically and verbally, our Jewish citizenry, do you know anything about Judaism? Do you know any Jewish people? Has a Jew ever wronged you? Exactly what evils do you believe Jews are perpetrating? Have you witnessed such actions, or do you rely on hearsay? 

Can we start to look at the good in people, all people? Even though the Jewish people make up only one-half of 1 percent of the world’s population, their contributions to humankind, including medicine, music, literature and entertainment, are astounding.

Many of their discoveries and inventions may have enabled members of your family or friends to enjoy a better quality of life. Out of a long list, here are a few: digitalis for heart disease; insulin for diabetes; the Schick test for diphtheria; the polio vaccine; streptomycin for tuberculosis; chloral hydrate for convulsions; Novocaine for dental work; and salvarsan for syphilis.

Remember that we are more alike than different. Please, let’s just get along.

Ann Silver, Bakersfield