The Nov. 29 letter “Moore must have surely repented” has gone multiple steps too far. The “root cause” of sexual harassment is not elitism but an uninhibited power complex resulting in a personality that needs to dominate other individuals. This transcends class, political power, and economic status. The construction worker heckling women walking by a construction site is just as harassing - dominating as the film producer using the casting couch.

The leap from Judge Roy Moore going from pedophilia to repentance just because the original events have not re-occurred in a long period of time is a leap that defies logic. I would propose that Judge Moore just changed his playing field. By becoming a judge he had power over a completely new field and what a field when compared to little girls -- but repentance no! He has had well documented episodes of attempting to dominate others by ignoring the constitution and the Supreme Court. For this he has been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court-- twice. Hell, little girls are no longer interesting when there are power plays involving his dominance over many other citizens.

The reason elite politicians and media totally ignore Moore’s repentance is that his repentance does not exist. Now consider that Moore has outgrown both little girls and judicial dominance and wants to move on to the U.S. Senate where his power-dominance complex will have an all-new and much wider effect. Everyone of right mind should be frightened by this prospect.

William D. Bezdek, Bakersfield