Mass shootings within 12 hours in El Paso and Dayton. We are now at more than one mass shooting per day in the United States. Leaders across the country are interviewed and asked for their explanations on why gun violence is accelerating. Of course the explanations are set forth in political speak. The leading rationale for conservatives is the high level of mental illness in our country. For liberals, it is the incendiary language of Trump that incentivizes the haters to take action.

I was saddened by the explanation given by Rep. Kevin McCarthy. On Fox News Sunday he blamed the rise in gun violence on video games. This isn’t new; the Republicans have been trying this explanation for decades As far back as 1999 after Columbine, GOP lawmakers have pointed the finger at video games. However, research and legal minds have stated repeatedly that there is no evidence to support this conclusion. Noted conservative and gun rights supporter Anton Scalia dismissed the idea in 2011 in a written opinion.

So, Kevin, I hope you understand that your ultimate legacy is being tarnished by your lack of commitment to actually leading this country in a positive way. I know it wouldn’t have been easy to say that some of this lies at the feet of this president, but it is the truth. You and Trump are quite close; you are “my Kevin” to him. So perhaps you’ve suggested in private that he stop the hateful rhetoric? Of course not.

Terry Beals, Bakersfield