In his op-ed piece in the Washington Post featured in the Californian ("A top Republican fires back at ‘Anonymous’", Sept. 11), Rep. Kevin McCarthy once again reveals his disturbing subservience to President Donald Trump.

McCarthy adopts the same conspiratorial language of the Trump administration, bemoaning the Deep State that threatens our country. However, the alleged harms have already been self-inflicted by Trump himself.

To begin with, President Trump only has himself to blame for hiring the "anonymous" author. We were told ad nauseam during the presidential campaign that he would hire the best and brightest people. Clearly this has not been the case, as demonstrated by constant turnover of the administration for a variety of transgressions. The "anonymous" author is just another example of a recurring problem.

As for the author weakening our nation’s standing in the world and provoking a constitutional crisis, Trump has done an excellent job of this already. Trump has emboldened the Russians by failing to fault their actions and even welcomed the country back into the G-8. He regularly disparages our allies and has created a constitutional crisis of his own by firing and threatening to fire law enforcement officials investigating his administration’s ties to Russia.

Unfortunately for our district and the nation as a whole, Rep. McCarthy appears to be most concerned with becoming a part of the permanent political class he disparages. With his focus on a second shot at the House speakership, McCarthy appears to be appeasing President Trump and the conservative House Freedom Caucus that denied him the job the first time around.

Jeb Blain, Bakersfield