This is a response to a Joe Mathews column published Feb. 17 ("Mathews: Surf City is the anti-California") where he criticized the city of Huntington Beach. I feel that his comments are attacking the fine people that live there and the city government.

He wants the city to sell marijuana and become more liberal like the rest of this state. Already the cities in California are a wasteland of liberal thinking. The governor has given this state to foreigners who turn communities like Shafter, Buttonwillow, Lamont and Arvin into ones that resemble third-world countries. I'm not referring to all foreigners because most of them are fine, upstanding, law-abiding people; I'm referring to the few that are not.

I would ask if Mr. Mathews would like to live in a community that is known for potheads and brings criminals such as the one that killed the young officer in Northern California who was caught in Lamont. I invite Mr. Mathews to come live in the aforementioned communities, and he should bring the governor with him. It is a shame that we have such a liberal governor. 

Lydia Handel-Castro, Bakersfield