Playgrounds aren’t safe anymore, Yes, even the playgrounds have been taken over by the homeless population here in Kern County. If you’ve read any of my other letters, you’ve probably noticed that I deeply care for, and want to help, our homeless friends as much as possible, but, unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way.

If everyone in Kern County wanted to help our homeless friends, then the issue would’ve been solved a while ago. Maybe you don’t think it’s a big issue in our community, but I want to remind you that our playgrounds are inoperable right now due to the homeless taking over and setting up their tents, chairs, etc., in the playground equipment (example: Mill Creek Park’s playground has homeless people living in the play equipment).

This isn’t safe or fair for our kids. For the sake of the kids in our community, let’s solve this growing crisis. Let’s make playgrounds great again.

Adam Black, Bakersfield