Do your eyes light up when your child comes home from school each day? Does he see how much you miss him while he's away? And when it's time for bed, do you tuck him in with a kiss and a hug? But most of all, do you hope your child will escape the world's bruises and if asked to compromise he bravely refuses?

Do you hope he won't be emotionally crushed by bullies from school who hurt him with words so cruel to make him believe that no one cares? He's stupid, he's ugly and should just disappear. Maybe he should think of ending it all. But he won't end it all or believe those verbal attacks for your love has convinced him he's much better than that.

For you see, every time your child came home from school, he saw the love light in your eyes. That love will guide him to do what's right and no bullies or wise guys can put out that light.

Hannah Joseph, Bakersfield