The last few weeks we have observed a family of raccoons in our front and backyards. We have been alerted to their presence by our dogs. They reside in a sump directly across from our home. I have attempted to contact the local authorities (city of Bakersfield, Kern County Animal Services, Fish and Wildlife) and they just kick the can down the road by suggesting I hire a private contractor at my expense to take care of this. Their reasoning is because they are considered wildlife they are unable to help. My biggest concern is that these animals are known to be rabid and can be a huge problem for the residents and animals of our neighborhood by possibly spreading rabies.

I am able to pinpoint the location of these raccoons for the authorities, and I believe a thorough clean up of the sump could eliminate the problem, however I am doubtful on the willingness of the authorities to do anything.

Sanjay Kapoor, Bakersfield