In a recent letter ("Letter to the Editor: Win at all costs," May 9), the writer said, "... how is it that we continue to select representatives who are indeed reprehensive, uncouth, lacking in civility and morally bankrupt?"

Should these representatives look to our president for exemplary behavior?

Let’s review his record of reprehension, uncouthness and incivility. He disrespects women and insults all who disagree with him — you know, Lyin’ Ted, Sleepy Joe Biden, Sloppy Steve Bannon, Little Marco — just to name a few. His unsympathetic stance on asylum seekers and their children reveals a lack of compassion. Do we want our children to emulate a bully? 

Furthermore, our leader has appointed corrupt or unqualified cabinet members. He has been unconcerned about the cyberattacks and the Russian spam on social media and the clandestine meetings with certain Russians. His interference with the FBI and DOJ was an attempt to squelch information that is vital to our nation’s security. His treatment of our allies undermines our international stability. And his denial of global warming endangers all of us.

Under his watch, our freedoms, which we take for granted, are threatened. Tyrants like Putin and Kim, whom Trump admires, suppress freedom of speech, for one; under their system, we might just “disappear” if, in our letters to the editor, we were to incur their displeasure. We must be focused on policy, not politics, in order to retain our democratic way of life.

I think the writer’s headline aptly describes our president. Booker and Harris were merely questioning Barr’s misrepresentation of the Mueller report, which confirmed Trump’s moral bankruptcy.

Ann Silver, Bakersfield