Those who voted for President Trump — myself included — should be forgiven for dismissing the barely concealed zeal by the legacy media to proclaim Joe Biden president-elect as premature. After all, not only have secretaries of state yet to certify the results of the presidential election, the Trump voters have every right to contest them through the courts in states where credible accusations of fraud have been made.

In typical fashion, Biden broke his promise to not declare victory until the results are certified. Since he apparently is so confident that he is our next president, he should want to welcome the legal challenges and demands for only legal votes to be counted from those who suspect election tampering. In doing so, he would avoid being hounded as an illegitimate president, which unjustifiably happened to Trump throughout his presidency.

Biden's apologists have contended that there is no evidence to back these allegations. However, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett calls such statements profoundly ignorant because of the hundreds of sworn affidavits filed with courts across the nation that call into question the integrity of the election process.

Princeton University professor Robert P. George recently commented that the nation is bitterly divided along moral and ideological lines, resulting in the Republicans becoming a party of working-class voters and the Democrats morphing into a party of radicals and elitists. Violating the Trump supporters' trust in the election system serves only to worsen the division and make the calls for unity futile.

Joel Torczon, Bakersfield