I recently read with interest that our local state Sen. Shannon Grove has taken on the thankless role as leader of the Republican caucus in our state Senate. Sen. Grove has some appropriate ideas for legislation regarding veterans and the homeless. Her help in passing laws to assist veterans and the homeless isn’t needed, but is important to show that California Republicans are not totally out of step with the overwhelming majority of California voters.

Some of her other ideas, I’m afraid, will not gain any support outside of the nine other Republican state senators. She has endorsed Trump’s idea of a border wall, which included only a limited amount of safety for the Dreamers. Grove also is anti-choice, not believing that women should make their own reproductive decisions. I won’t even get into her Facebook post last year that asked if the California drought was caused by God.

Grove has in the past also opposed legislation that would make vaccination of all school children to be mandatory. Perhaps she is unaware of the risks to adults and children when vaccination rates fall below 90 percent. Currently there is a budding problem in the Portland, Oregon, area. It has cost the local county there over $100,000. The “science” against vaccinations is bogus. Leaders, such as Grove, should not be this out of touch. It could be dangerous.

Terry Beals, Bakersfield