I say bravo to the Kern High School District's disciplinary actions in the 2014-15 school year ("Districts reorganize disciplinary policies after 2014-2015 data," Oct. 24). UCLA's Civil Rights Project and UCLA's Center for Civil Rights Remedies state the number of suspended students was 4,734.

Most were suspended for "defiance." Defiance is contempt of authority, a challenge to fight. In high school, who in authority would be the target for their defiance? There is only one target in a classroom, their teacher. Teachers in a KHSD classroom have lost most of their control of students since the District caved in over a suit brought by the Dolores Huerta Foundation, National Brotherhood Association and others.

It makes no difference; not even the littlest bit of difference if the suspended student is Latino, black, white or another skin color. Defiance of authority is not taught in the classroom — well, maybe in some college classrooms. Defiance of authority is taught and/or tolerated in the home.

The so-called student rights groups, parents and now the KHSD are forgetting the most important factor of a student being suspended for "defiance." Our teachers are not hired to correct in a student those factors which should be taught in the family.

Most people would be surprised at the amount of a teacher' time is mandated by the school districts to teach their students "social skills" that should be part of the family's day to day life.

Ronal Reynier, Bakersfield