On Saturday, as has become our custom, we ordered a "take-out" breakfast from a popular southwest establishment. My wife and I are fully vaccinated but are still weary of circumstances which experts say may still result in another wave of infections.

Normally, picking up our order is quick. That morning was different, as there was an abundance of patrons deserving to dine and a few were not wearing masks — a requirement clearly posted at the entrance. The short story is these maskless individuals insisted, as being vaccinated, the requirement to wear masks no longer applied — clearly at odds with scientific fact and the issue just debated in Congress.

Sen. Rand Paul was rebuked by Dr. Fauci on this point only a few days ago, saying those who have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19 should not have to wear masks, suggesting wearing masks in those cases was “theater." But mild cases are possible, as well as being a source of spreading the virus even if presenting no symptoms.

The point is follow the advice of experts and wear masks until this pandemic is eradicated worldwide.

— Wade Eagleton, Bakersfield