I read with some amusement Valerie Schultz’s most recent column, where she, like many others, are vilifying a sitting president ("OTHER VOICES: Schadenfreude," Nov. 3). Her sarcasm is poorly used, and though she clearly does not like this president, she offers no suggestions of how someone else could do better. I personally have yet to meet anyone whose life has been damaged by Trump’s policies. Having been raised in the 50s and 60s, I have seen presidents come and go, and there were as many good ones as bad. The most recent former White House resident left a legacy of racial divide and disdain for military, law enforcement and Christians. As a registered Independent, I can vote for whomever I choose, as long as they are pro-life and pro conventional marriage. So, Valerie, time to vote for socialism or to Keep America great!

Jim Thomas, Tehachapi