The concentration camps of Nazi Germany received much exposure and condemnation at the time. The German people were also vilified: how could they let that happen? “We just didn’t know” was the usual response. The rejoinder? They didn’t want to know.

Here in the U.S. we are having much debate about our detention centers. Obviously, these centers are a far cry from the Nazi horrors, but they involve a whole lot of crying nevertheless. Awful conditions! Meager counseling! Family separations! This is going on in our very midst and is being funded (weakly) by our tax dollars. We, in effect as taxpayers, are the absentee slumlords of these frightful conditions. My parents came here as immigrants long ago, my father illegally (not unusual in those days). They were greeted by Lady Liberty in the New York harbor. What a different greeting these days at our southern border.

The average American is unsure what is really going on. Our “Liar in Chief” adds no problem to his other nos (collusion, obstruction). At least he made some effort by a visit to one of these centers. But the average American doesn’t even know where the nearest center is, much less what’s going on inside.

Want to know more? Friday is our chance. There’ll be a gathering of the concerned and the open at 4:30 p.m. at the ICE office, 430 Truxtun Ave., followed by a movement to the Liberty Bell, 800 Truxtun Ave., for an hour of information sharing. See you there?

Bob Schwartz, Bakersfield