A recent article (“Kevin McCarthy invokes American dream in nationally televised RNC speech praising Trump," Aug. 27) broke down Rep. Kevin McCarthy's speech that he delivered on behalf of the 2020 Republican National Convention. The article goes on to include responses from a member of the Kern County Republican Party and a member of the Kern County Democratic Central Committee.

After reading the article, including the speech, I agree with most of McCarthy's ideas and with Christian Romo, chairman of the Kern County Democratic Central Committee, when he stated the "response will not come without a change of leadership,” because in my opinion, Trump can barely respond to anything other than economics.

McCarthy and Romo touched on the economic crisis that was caused by the pandemic. Romo “noted unemployment has climbed and deaths from the virus have soared under Trump’s watch,” but this honestly could’ve happened with any president.

America has three political values and it's been difficult for a government to promote all three ideas: liberty, equality and democracy. McCarthy presents these ideas, that everyone should agree upon, as promises “that everyone is equal,” the “government is accountable to ‘We, the People,’” and “if you work hard and play by the rules — your opportunities are endless,” ensuring equality of opportunity. He and Michael Caves, vice chairman of the Kern County Republican Party, both stated the nation and the upcoming election is about the citizens, not the government.

Elena Castaneda, Bakersfield